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Geison happy to be home with Comets

Geison went to Wichita for a season before returning home to the Comets

Geison returns to the Comets
Geison returns to the Comets
Thad Bell

Geison was a star with the Comets for two seasons before leaving to play with Wichita. In the 2011-2012 season Geison set modern-day records for the Comets with 37 goals and 90 points and was named the MISL's Most Valuable Player. After that successful season, the Wichita Wings lured Geison away, a move that never quite felt right to the potent Brazilian attacker.

Prior to training camp this year, the Comets re-signed the talented attacker. For Geison, walking back into practice with the Comets felt like a homecoming.

"It's the feeling of coming home. It was always weird walking into the Independence Events Center without a Comets jersey.  It was a good experience being in Wichita but I feel like this is home," explained Geison. "I'm just very excited to be here. I was thinking all summer that I wanted to come back to try and help bring a championship to this city."

Geison was also quick to point out that his time in Wichita was not bad, it was just not home. Part of it may be that he was able to only play a half season because of injuries but he did score 17 goals in that time.

"Everything you do you have to see the positives and use the negatives for experience in everything in life," Geison explained.

Healthy once again

"I am the healthiest I have ever been," Geison said after practice this week. "I am always working on some extra things that I need to work on. For you to succeed in a game you've got to be in tip top shape, if you just want to be an average player you have to be very fit. If you want to be that different player you have to be absolutely extra fit. I feel that I am getting there."

Coach Andonovski agreed with Geison, "He feels good, ready to go. I think he looks better than ever. He's very determined and it's almost like he wants to prove something. It's a great opportunity and environment to prove who he is and what he can do."

Geison has stayed after practice each day working on his shooting, his runs or helping other players with their drills and has looked sharp doing it.

With being healthy and back with a team that he is comfortable with it would be not surprise if his thoughts turned to competing for league MVP again but Geison quickly dismissed that, "I just have a different goal right now. First is to go game by game, make the playoffs and then to try and win the championship. If that is happening it will be good."