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Behind Enemy Lines: Three questions with Dynamo Theory

We talked with Dynamo Theory about what's different between the first and second legs of the Eastern Conference Final.

Scott Halleran

1) How big of an impact will Corey Ashe have now that he is off his yellow card suspension? What's the best way to beat him and Sarkodie on the sides?

A lot was made of Corey Ashe not starting in Leg 1, but Mike Chabala came on and played outstanding. While our expectations weren't overly high, he played beyond them. Still, most Dynamo Theory readers are in agreement, Corey Ashe should start.

If you are looking to beat our outside backs, you have to do it on the counter when they've pushed higher up the pitch. You have to have speed on the flanks, or superb ball skills. Once you beat them, cross immediately, because any delay and you'll face cover.

2) What's the status of Ricardo Clark? How bad would it be for the Dynamo if he isn't able to play and who would likely replace him?

Latest I have heard on Rico is he hasn't practiced yet. This isn't too big of a deal as Rico is the type of player who can perform even without extensive practice time. If he doesn't play, though, this will be a long match for the boys in orange as he is the anchor in the middle of the field.

As for who would replace him? Well, you would probably see a similar lineup to what you saw when Rico left last match early. Driver would come on to the left, Davis would move central and play a more CAM type roll with Creavalle playing the more CDM type roll.

3) Will the Dynamo likely change their tactics and formation from the first leg or will we see the same type of play we saw in Houston?

One thing Dom is notorious for is lacking the wherewithal to change anything. He knows what works for him, and anything else is pure blasphemy. With that said, I'd look for the Dynamo to only shift minimally, if any, tactics.

Dom simply does not shift his formation unless he has the right players for a 4-3-3...and he doesn't right now.