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Comets: St. Louis scores in overtime to down Ambush

Missouri Comets forward Stefan St. Louis scored in overtime to defeat the St. Louis Ambush

Stefan St. Louis applauds the Comets fans that made the trip
Stefan St. Louis applauds the Comets fans that made the trip
Thad Bell

The Missouri Comets took their second straight win on the road in St. Louis in less than a week.  This go around was lot tougher than the rout by the Comets last match. It took an overtime goal by Stefan St. Louis to secure the 12-10 victory.

The match started off fairly even with Comets getting the better of the play but unable to put away several very good chances and the quarter ended scoreless.

A couple of defensive mistakes by the Ambush and a nice goal by Comet's captain Vahid Assadpour did stake the visitors from Kansas City out to an easy 6-0 lead at half but the Ambush kept clawing back in the third and the lone goal in the fourth to draw even at 10 all.

Even with missing several chances early and the Ambush gaining momentum in the second half, Comets coach Vlatko Andonovski was never too worried. "I trusted my team; did we play our best game? No, absolutely not but I trust their capabilities," Andonovski explained. "I know what they can do. That's what good teams do, just like Milwaukee against us, they came back and won in overtime. Fair play to the Ambush, what a great game they played, in the end we managed to get the winning goal and that is all that matters."

The game was night and day from the two teams last match six days ago. The Ambush were playing the second game in two night and were going up against an experienced rested Comets after beating fellow expansion team Pennsylvania the night before.

"It was good," Ambush coach Daryl Doran relayed after the match. "We improved in a lot of areas but there are still a lot of areas we need to improve on and that just comes with playing with each other."

The Ambush do not play again until December 13th and Doran plans on using the time to recover and give his team a chance to learn from their first matches.

"We've got some time off now," Doran stated. "We've got 4 or 5 guys pretty banged up so we have to rest some people so the others have to really work hard. We are going to take the next five days and do those things to get organized for our first road trip. We've got till the 13th and we go on an east coast trip. We'll get it organized, we don't have much time, I'm used to forty games in a season and now there is only twenty."

Stefan St. Louis is still recovering from knee surgery last season and has been gradually getting more time on the field. "It's a good confidence booster coming back from the surgery. Been working hard to get back in shape, coach has been giving me little flashes here and there so it's good to repay him with the game winning goal," St. Louis relayed with big grin.