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Behind Enemy Lines: Catching up with The Bent Musket

Steve Stoehr from The Bent Musket and Ben Gartland from The Daily Wiz discussed the situation after the first leg and previewed the second leg of the Eastern Conference semifinals.

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Questions from Ben to Steve

1) Many opponents will come into Sporting Park and bunker to try and salvage a draw or sneak a goal away off of a counter attack. Do you see the Revs attempting this or do you see them trying to go head-to-head like on Saturday?

That's a tough call. I expect that their directive will be to use caution; however, the Revs are terrible at that. Whenever New England bunkers, their defense gets worse and worse, and then they inevitably concede. To that effect, there's a much better chance that the Revs will get aggressive at times because attacking is what they do best. Sporting will be able to dictate a bit based on how they control the midfield. If the Revs find space, they'll attack. If they don't, they'll bunker, and absent an inspiring half-time speech and a big slice of luck, that bodes well for a KC win.

2) Do you see Andy Dorman in the lineup again on Wednesday to help be a physical presence in the midfield or do you see a different lineup?

I absolutely see Andy in the lineup again. Is his passing as refined as, say, Scott Caldwell's? Absolutely not. But Andy offers size, experience, and a willingness to get forward in smart spots that Scott just doesn't have yet. Let's not forget that Dorman very nearly opened the game's scoring in the 3rd minute off a corner. He had Nielsen beat point-blank at the near post with a header, but the ball was a whisker above him. Plus, Dorman's been here before. He was in the playoffs every year he was in New England and made it to three MLS Cup Finals. At this point, that's just necessary in the middle of the pitch.

Bonus: Is there any way you guys can release Reis before the game?

Oh yeah, we'll just go ahead and let Bobby Sh -- NO.

Questions from Steve to Ben

1.) I saw a lot of lamentation in regards to the lineup on Saturday from The Daily Wiz community. Do you see Vermes changing things up at home to something a little more to your liking?

I believe so since there is a need for more of an attacking presence. As soon as Sporting went down two goals in the second half of the first leg, Soony Saad and Dom Dwyer came on since they've been the better forwards at creating and capitalizing on scoring opportunities as of late. I honestly believe Vermes was going for a draw in the first leg so that we could win in the second leg and now it's a necessity for attacking forwards.

2.) You guys have Sinovic, Bunbury, and Collin on yellow card notice. Sure, losing Bunbury for a match probably wouldn't kill you, but Sinovic and Collin? Especially in Collin's case, do you see any gameplan or style adjustments to account for this danger on Wednesday night?

I wouldn't be surprised to see Ike Opara start over Collin and then Collin comes in as a sub later in the match. Opara is a pretty good defender and can stand his own against many different attacks. He'd be good for about the first 70 minutes or so and then I'd bring Collin on if Sporting had a lead they need to protect. I don't see a game plan difference since attempting to corral Collin and have him stay back just leads to a complete 180 in Collin's style. it's either Opara gets the start or we pray that Collin doesn't get another card.

Bonus: Do we see Feilhaber on Wednesday?

I hope so but I don't see it happening. My lineup has Zusi back on the wing and Feilhaber leading the midfield but I don't think Vermes goes for it.