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SKC: Peterson Joseph collapsed at training

Sporting KC's midfielder is officially out with "Illness" but it is because he collapsed at training

Peterson Joseph is out indefinitely
Peterson Joseph is out indefinitely
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Sporting Kansas City's midfielder Peterson Joseph is listed as out for the second straight game. He missed the second leg of the Eastern Conference Semifinals and will miss at least the first leg of the Conference Finals against Houston.

The Haitian national team player is officially listed as out with illness which does not tell much. The problem is they do no know what is wrong with Joseph.

Manager Peter Vermes explained to reporters before leaving for Houston.  "He was on the field in between one of our sessions. I think he just passed out for a second, he hit the ground and then he woke up. But he went down and that is nothing to play around with and we are not going to. It's all about his health first and we will wait on the soccer aspect."

"The doctors are still going through a bunch of tests with him," Vermes continued. "It happened once last year, it was three days from that date. Last year they attributed a lot of it to dehydration and things like that but now it's happened a second time we are going through a total different battery of tests than last time."

With Peterson "Haitian Xavi" Joseph sidelined, Lawrence Olum out with a fractured fibula and Paulo Nagamura going 97 minutes in his first match after coming back from injury, it leaves Vermes with some tough choices to make.