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Kansas City showers Besler with wedding love

Sporting Kansas City fans showed their love for home town hero Matt Besler by getting him almost his entire wedding registry.

Besler was surprised when fans bought out his wedding registry
Besler was surprised when fans bought out his wedding registry
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

One of the more interesting outcomes from Sporting Kansas City winning the MLS Cup came to light Thursday when Matt Besler tweeted the following:

So apparently fans of the Sporting KC and U.S. star found his wedding registry and basically got him and his bride-to-be almost everything they wanted. I know Kansas City fans love their home town hero but I hope they do realize that buying him the gift will not get them invited.

What a year for Besler, he becomes a regular U.S. starter, wins the MLS Cup and then when he gets married, SKC fans shower him with love again.

Matt and his lovely fiancée Amanda get married Saturday. Good thing they thought ahead and made sure it was after MLS Cup.

Actually it seems winter weddings right after the final is an occupational necessity when you play in MLS. Former Sporting KC and current Portland Timbers star Michael Harrington and his lovely fiancée Maggie are getting married the same day in Kansas City. I bet Mikey and Maggie would not mind someone buying all of their registry items also.

Congratulations to both couples!