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The Blue Links: 12/16/13

Links of interest from around Kansas City and the world.

Nothing to do with the story but love remembering that day.
Nothing to do with the story but love remembering that day.
Ed Zurga

So rumor is that DC United, Chivas and the Galaxy are all interested in Eddie Johnson. DC United and Chivas need all the help they can get and if Onalfo gets the Chivas job it really makes sense for him. It's easy to coach "kick ball long" and have Eddie chase it down like they did in Kansas City. Not sure I would risk bringing him in if i was the Galaxy, that team is too good to risk someone like Eddie messing it up.

Bob Bradley in running for West Bromwich Albion. Hopefully he gets a job there are elsewhere and kicks arse.

Fenerbahce plays match in front of women and children only. Apparently the men misbehaved and the women showed them how to do it. Not sure if it helped but it sure didn't hurt as Fenerbahce easily won 4-0 over their visitors. Lets hope that the SKC Ladies don't arrange this for a Sporting KC game.

As happy as the players and fans are when our team wins, imagine how much it means to the family. Seth Sinovic's sister may be his biggest fan.

SKC's new man Sal Zizzo had a food cart in Portland, no word if he is bringing it along but pretty sure they could clean up if that sat up near the Cauldron tailgate. Maybe other players should do that as well. Collin's French Cuisine in a cart? Besler's BBQ? Any others?

Sporting KC adds another affiliate in St Louis. JB Marine has been an all girls club and won six national titles. Think SKC is getting into women's soccer eventually?

From a few days ago, Ives predicts who will be in the January U.S. camp. He thinks an amazing six SKC players called in at one time. Besler, Sinovic, Myers, Zusi, Feilhaber and Sapong. Anybody else deserve a look? Anybody but FC Kansas City had that many in one camp before?

Follow five teens from Kansas City in the 36 hours leading up to the MLS Cup. You can see the tension build as the game gets closer and one of them is our very own Ben Gartland.