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Scouting Report: Massive Report talks about Andy Gruenebaum

We talked with Nate Beckman about the newest Sporting KC goalkeeper Andy Gruenebaum and his eight seasons in Columbus.

Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

1) From 2012 to 2013, Gruenebaum went from being an MLS Goalkeeper of the
Year finalist to only playing in 21 matches. Outside of his injury, is
there anything SKC fans should be worried about?

Nothing to be worried about. 2013 saw a lot of shuffling of the back line
in Columbus, starting with opening day. Communication problems and
ball-watching led to dangerous situations in front of Andy. And with only
80 MLS appearances at age 30, there's still plenty of tread on his tires.

2) With SKC's back line, Nielsen didn't have to make very many saves but
came up big when he needed to. In comparison, how good of a pure shot
blocker is Gruenebaum?

Andy's shot blocking may he his greatest strength. He can drop down
quickly and has fast lateral and vertical agility. Check out his week 4
nomination for MLS SOTW:

3) What would you say Gruenebaum's biggest strength and weakness is?

Strength: Athleticism, followed closely by quotability. Weakness:

It looks to me like Gruenebaum will be the keeper that Sporting KC needs next season. Sporting KC's back line isn't going to give up too many shots but they will need Gruenebaum to step up when they do happen. It's why Nielsen was so successful and why Gruenebaum will be successful as well.