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MLS Cup 2013: Sporting Kansas City MLS Cup kit teased

Sporting Kansas City's kitman tweets photo of the kit Jimmy Nielsen will be wearing for Saturday's MLS Cup matchup against Real Salt Lake.

Jamie Squire

Sporting Kansas City won't be changing too much before Saturday's MLS Cup matchup against Real Salt Lake, including their kits.

Monday, Sporting Kansas City kitman Michael Flaherty tweeted out a photo of the pink kit goalkeeper Jimmy Nielsen will sport Saturday afternoon.


The only addition to the kit is the touch of silver underneath the Sporting Kansas City crest that reads, "MLS Cup 2013 December, 7th."

If you're not keen on the pink kit or the minor addition for the big season finale, you can rest easy knowing Peter Vermes' squad won't be wearing the "cursed" argyle black kits that the team has worn in two losses this year.

Question: Anyone notice the comma after December?

Thad Bell