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Sporting KC vs. Portland Timbers preseason live stream

Sporting KC take on Portland Timbers, and you can not only talk about the game on The Daily Wiz, but watch the game in the same place as well.

Sporting Kansas City and Portland Timbers will kick off at 7 p.m. CT from Tucson, Ariz., and The Daily Wiz will host a live stream (found at the top of this page) of the game, along with a running, open thread for comments (found at the bottom of this page), and an up-to-date account of major happenings on the night, found here.

To chime in with your thoughts while watching from home, either scroll to the bottom of this page, or open a second window with this game page and set it alongside the stream. Andy Edwards will field all questions and/or thoughts regarding the 2013 season.

Starting lineups for the two sides are as follows: