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Sporting KC vs. D.C. United: preseason game No. 5, live stream

You can't watch a preseason game without a link to the live stream, and we've got that right here.

Sporting Kansas City take on Eastern Conference foe D.C. United at the top of the hour (5 p.m. CT) in the club's third-to-last scheduled preseason tune-up for the 2013 Major League Soccer regular season, and here's the place to watch the game. Embedded at the top of this page is the live stream, produced and provided by

You can read my full game preview, by clicking here.

The starting lineups for both teams, and they are as follows:

I will be available through the entirety of Wednesday night's game to field any and all questions regarding the night's action, and the upcoming 2013 season. Just scroll to the bottom of this page and leave any thoughts or questions in the comments section, and I'll be sure to respond.