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Video Replay: History of Sporting KC vs. Toronto FC

Sloppy handling! Poor man marking! Goals, goals, goals! It's Toronto FC's defense!

Our series continues with a video review of Toronto FC. Many teams bring out the best in Sporting Kansas City, other teams are just historically bad. Toronto FC falls in the latter category.

Series Recap: Toronto FC
First Played April 25, 2007
All-time Record 8-3-4
Home games: 6-1-1 (17 GF, 7 GA)
Road games: 2-2-3 (2 GF, 3 GA)

Video Replay #1:

September 1, 2012 Sporting KC 2, Toronto FC 1

Sporting Kansas City built their 2012 record on a foundation of points against weaker opponents. The team obtained 16 out of a possible 18 points against the bottom two teams in the Eastern Conference, including a three-game sweep of Toronto FC.

The final game of the 2012 series is a great example of the methodical way Kansas City earned wins against teams with less talent or confused managerial direction. Sporting utilized aggressive defense and fluid possession to facilitate repeated attempts at goal. The opposing side would eventually break, leaving a Sporting KC player unmarked and in prime position for a score. Oriol Rosell exploited one such breakdown with a late game-winning goal.

This possession was profiled in the MLS video series "Anatomy of a Goal." Greg Lalas has a nice analysis of the build-up to the score:

Video Replay #2:

July 23, 2011 Sporting KC 4, Toronto FC 2

Sporting KC in 2011 lacked defensive reliability but was more proficient on offense than in 2012. This game against Toronto FC was Sporting KC's twelfth game in a row without a loss, and their second 4-goal game in six weeks. This game was highlighted by a dramatic bicycle kick goal from Kei Kamara after a service from Jéferson (remember him?).

This video is from the 2011 AT&T Goal of the Year candidates list. Kamara's goal can be seen first.

Wizards Highlight:

March 19, 2009 Kansas City Wizards 2, Toronto FC 3

It is unusual to showcase a loss, but this one is compelling for two reasons. This game was highlighted by a stunning brace of goals from Davy Arnaud. They may be the finest pair of scores by one player in the history of the team. If you watch nothing else in Video Replay please WATCH THESE TWO GOALS (scroll to 03:42 and 05:08 on the video if you want to skip ahead to see them).

Check out Davy's goal from last weekend too. He still has that velocity.

A second reason to highlight this game is for the benefit of the fans of Toronto FC. Although there is no love lost between the two teams, Toronto FC fans have been one of the most vocal, proud, and organized fanbases since their founding in 2007. The fans of TFC have received little in return except bad coaching and management decisions. Their ownership group has never kept a coach in place for more than 18 months. Toronto performed admirably in a loss last weekend, but it appears to be another long season is the making for TFC fans.

Why not give them a reprieve and show TFC at its best? TFC in 2009 was energetic, athletic, fast, and nearly made the playoffs. It is fun to watch them play. Instead of building on this team, ownership went made another coaching change before the end of the year. Goalscorers Amado Guevara and Jim Brennan were lost before the start of the 2010 season. De Rosario would be traded away in 2011.

Original video courtesy MLS and

Any thoughts on the highlights? What are your favorite past moments with Toronto FC? Comment below!