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PHOTO GALLERY: Sporting KC thrash Montreal Impact, 2-0

Great photos of great victories are very great.

The Daily Wiz now has a photographer attending all home games for the 2013 season, and we'll be sharing as many awesome shots from each and every game from Sporting Park as we can work into a six- and seven-day game week. Ryan McElwain is not only TDW's camera-wielding, good dude, but a really talented photographer as well.

Given that a good game can produce anywhere from 20-to-50 great photos, and we obviously can't write that many stories a week to use them all, we'll be featuring the very best of Ryan's work in a new, weekly series called "Shots of Sporting."

The photo gallery is available at the top of this page, so click away. There's 20 top quality shots featured this week.

When - not if - you enjoy Ryan's photography work, you can find out more about his company, R. Patrick Images, on his official website - I won't tell you who to hire to shoot your engagement or wedding photos, but I think I can refer you to a good guy.

And this week, a special bonus series of photos. Without any further ado, Graham Zusi's game-clinching goal, frame by frame, through the lens of Ryan.







And, because he's awesome, Ryan .gif'd those six photos together for us.