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Sporting KC trades Bobby Convey to Toronto FC

Sporting KC trades Bobby Convey to Toronto FC for a third round pick in the draft.

Paul Frederiksen-US PRESSWIRE

Sporting Kansas City forward Bobby Convey was traded to Toronto FC Thursday in exchange for Toronto FC's natural third round pick in next year's MLS SuperDraft. Convey, 29 started well with Sporting KC in 2012, helping them to a 7-0-1 record in their first eight games. Injuries quickly became an issue and he only played in eight more regular season games for Sporting KC, included a start where he was subbed out in just the 7th minute in New England.

A grand total of 20 games over two seasons with one goal and two assists after Sporting KC acquired Convey in exchange for an international slot. While he did not score a lot, when he was healthy at the start of 2012 he opened up the middle with his wide play allowing the other forwards and midfielders room to attack.

As injuries mounted up, other players stepped forward and seized playing time. Jacob Peterson's high energy and never give quit attitude seemed to fit the system and budding U.S. National Team star Graham Zusi moved forward at times as well.

When he signed with Sporting KC one of the questions was of course salary. In 2011 he made over $300,000 with San Jose and in 2012 his base dropped to $200,000 with Sporting KC. It is unknown how much of his salary will still be carried by Sporting if any, but it will certainly clear up some cap space.

Toronto is convicned he can contribute for them. "This is a good mid-season deal for Toronto FC. We are in need of quality MLS players on our team and Bobby fits the bill perfectly," said Toronto FC President and General Manager Kevin Payne in their release. "I've known Bobby since he was a 16 year old rookie in MLS; and literally living in the basement of my home. He can be a very influential player in MLS and we look forward to him helping us move forward in the league."

Overall a good trade for both teams, Toronto gets a player that they feel can contribute and Sporting makes room under the cap, the roster and on training tables.