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Saad invited to stay for World Cup Qualifiers

The Lebanese National Team has invited Sporting forward Soony Saad to play in the World Cup Qualifiers next week.

Ed Zurga

After getting a callup for a friendly with Oman, Lebanon apparently liked what they saw in Sporting KC forward Soony Saad. He will now be with the team for two World Cup qualifiers next week.

According to the Saad's personal Twitter account, he was told he would be staying longer for the two World Cup qualifying matches next week against South Korea and Iran.

Staying a little longer than expected. WCQ's vs South Korea and Iran coming up.

Saad scored in the 1-1 draw with Oman yesterday, his first ever international match and will most likely make his second and third appearances next week.

Lebanon is in a dire situation in World Cup qualification. They currently sit last in their group on the brink of elimination. If Lebanon loses to South Korea OR if they draw and if Iran and Quatar has winner in their match. The match between Lebanon and South Korea will be next Wednesday, June 4th at 12:30 pm central time.

If Lebanon gets a result out of that one and Quatar and Iran draw then their next match with Iran will be very important Lebanon. That match will be June 11th at 10:30 am central time.

Due to this extension Soony Saad will now miss two more Sporting KC matches: The match Saturday against Montreal and the US Open Cup match on June 12th against Orlando City.