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Behind Enemy Lines: Three Questions with Mount Royal Soccer

Giovanni Sardo of Mount Royal Soccer answered three questions about the forthcoming match between Sporting Kansas City and the Montreal Impact

Francois Laplante

1) In Montreal's second year in the league you have become a force to be reckoned with in the East. What's been the biggest reason or reasons why?

It isn't just one big reason. Just like the recipe for a great Italian pasta sauce, it's acollection and perfect mix of many different special ingredients. For starters, Marco Di Vaio, Troy Perkins and Alessandro Nesta have been here since day 1 of camp rather than mid season. They are leaders, winners and their experience has really had a positive effect everywhere on the field. Add in the hiring of Coach Marco Schallibaum and the fact that everyone has bought into his system, mainly thanks to the fact that he is willing to find a way to extract the best out of each and every player. Mix in a dash of new trainer Paolo Pacione's fitness overhaul. When you add all those into the pot and let them simmer, that beautiful smell is one of great chemistry amongst all the players and a willingness to fight for each other.

2) In the last time these two squads met, Sporting really controlled the tempo of the match in a 2-0 victory. How will Montreal adjust this time around?

They have to show up and execute the game plan. They simply didn't show up to play against SKC last time. They had guys that looked like the Montreal Impact. Same look, jerseys, coach and all but it wasn't them. SKC outclassed them on every level.

This time, it will be different. Montreal is arguably the best team in the MLS. They will be riding a high from
winning the Voyageurs Cup in Vancouver on Wednesday. Revenge will be on their minds. Come game time, it is simple. They need to execute the usual game plan. Strong defense, short passes and find Di Vaio in open space as he tries to beat the defense with his speed and intelligence. The real Montreal Impact will be present in Kansas City. It'll be a great game.

3) Marco Di Vaio has scored 10 goals in 11 matches including a hat trick against the Union. Is this track sustainable or do you think he will falter as the season goes on?

As long as his teammates continue to feed him the ball properly, his scoring pace should continue. Ever since he joined the Impact last season, the biggest issue has been adapting to his new midfielders. It took a long time to adapt to the MLS and the North American game. He seems to have made those issues a thing of the past. Di Vaio is one of the MLS' smartest and deadliest strikers. His ability to play off the defender's shoulder, to keep him
guessing and force the entire defensive line to keep an eye on him is second to none.

When his team mates provide him with World Class service, he returns the favor by being a World Class striker. Di Vaio is art in Soccer form. A true joy to watch.