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Zusi met SKC in Salt Lake City

Sporting KC and U.S. National team star Graham Zusi missed most of the week in practice due to the ESPYS. He was a finalist for the MLS Player of the year award and attended the ESPYS Wednesday night. He did not win, the award went to Thierry Henry.

Zusi left Tuesday to head to New York for the big event. With his obligations for the ESPYS and the league, he did not return the next day and instead flew to meet the team in Salt Lake City on Friday.

It's great to see Kansas City players get awards or be in the running for them, just hate to see it cost so much practice time. No fear that Zusi will not be ready physically, he is such great shape and so dedicated, there is little doubt that he will do whatever he can to have his body ready. The only worry would be a little jet lag with the parties, the extra travel and time in planes.

It is more of a concern that missing the bulk of this week's serious practice days cost some time that could have been used to continue working with Feilhaber in the midfield. If Feilhaber really is the midfielder that so many hoped he could be, the more time in practice with Zusi next to him and Bieler, Kamara and Saad in front of him will only help the team.

Not much that could be done about it, no way the team is going to prevent him from going and expanding their brand. Just a shame that is had to come at a time when Feilhaber is starting to produce and every bit of time could be used to build chemistry.