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Rumor: SKC interested in Jorge Claros

Rumor: SKC is interested in Honduran midfielder Jorge Claros

Honduran Jorge Claros may be a target of Sporting KC
Honduran Jorge Claros may be a target of Sporting KC

The transfer window is open and there shall be rumors. Not sure if that is a law but is sure seems like it. Tuesday morning started with a mention by Steven Goff of the The Washington Post that Honduran midfielder Jorge Claros was on Sporting KC's radar.

Being on a team's radar can mean a lot of things. Anything from the deal is close to they are in serious talks or just that a discovery claim was made so they might do something in the off season.

This morning both Sporting KC president Robb Heinemann and head coach Peter Vermes were at the press conference to discuss Vermes' contract extension. Seemed like a perfect time to question the two guys who would know.

First up was Robb. He was uncharacteristically quiet, quickly deferring to Vermes all the way. Robb normally likes to either be the one to leak information when possible, especially player signings or being the one to debunk them. In this case he clammed up fast.

Vermes was also very cagey in his response. "That's interesting. He is someone we have looked at but that's interesting," was all he was willing to say. He did give an exaggerated shrug and thoughtful look while saying but declined to comment further.

What does it mean?

This is speculation; pure speculation based on having asked these two men numerous times and read their expressions. I could be completely wrong but I think there is a least some truth to it.

It sounds to me like there is some truth to the rumor but they are not ready to let it be public. It could be they are negotiating with his current club or do not want another team to come in and try to muck it up with a different offer.

Goff gets a lot of info from agents and leaks from the league. While he is not always correct, there is often a grain a truth even when he looks wrong.

What would Jorge Claros bring to Sporting?

While I have not seen Claros a lot, what I recall is that he was tenacious and his nickname of ‘Pitbull' would seem to back that up. He could be a good backup/alternate with Rosell for the d-mid spot or let SKC push Rosell a little forward and let Claros sit in front of Sporting's center backs.

Depending on salary and transfer fees (if any), he could be a good addition to SKC's depth and experience and it seems Honduran midfielders do well in Kansas City.