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SKC extends Vermes contract

Sporting Kansas City extended manager Peter Vermes contract through the 2017 season.

Vermes getting the cooler dumped on him after the U.S. Open Cup win in 2012
Vermes getting the cooler dumped on him after the U.S. Open Cup win in 2012
Thad Bell

Sporting Kansas City announced Tuesday that Peter Vermes' contract was extended through the 2017 season. Vermes is both head coach and technical director for Sporting KC.

"It allows us to embark on the other part of our plan that we have talked about for the last six or seven years," Sporting Club CEO Robb Heineman said at the press conference. "Championships being the most important thing to this organization but having a real world class youth development program is important."

Vermes has been the technical director longer than anyone else in the league, having started in November 2006 and took over as manager in 2009. His .557 winning percentage is best in club history.

"I would like to thank the ownership group for what they have done for soccer in MLS and Kansas City is incredible. It's unimaginable at times to me when I walk into that stadium, the people that are there, the full stadium the environment that we have,' Vermes stated. "I think we have laid a very solid foundation for this organization and I'm excited about moving forward and developing all the other aspects that we have discussed. I know there is even more to come which is very exciting.

"We have a very specific goal here and that is to win championships," Heinemann explained. "Peter sets a mentality that he can back up because he did it as a player. It would have been so special to see him actually play at Sporting Park. The stories that he tells and the way I think he would have been I think he would have lost his marbles playing in the sort of crowd environment that we have."

Vermes takes a long view on building the club and soccer. "Robb spoke of something that is paramount to our long term success and that is our youth academy system. Truly believe that (the academy) is going to be the heartbeat of our club in the next phase. It really has to be something that is not only the best in MLS but where we're the best in the CONCACAF region. That is something that we have to strive for if we are going to be a long term player in this game and that is something that our ownership is committed to. We are going to have to develop players that play our style and not have to bring players in all the time that we have to turn and adapt and adjust to who we are but just bring them up in our system to play exactly the way we want to play and the unique style we play in this league."

Under Vermes' leadership, Sporting Kansas City finished atop the Eastern Conference the last two years, won the U.S. open Cup in 2012 and is atop the Eastern Conference with the most points. He has two players that are becoming regulars on the U.S. National Team and some others that may deserve looks at some point.