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Win MLS All Star tickets

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Win MLS All Star tickets

Sporting Park, home of the 2013 MLS All Star game.
Sporting Park, home of the 2013 MLS All Star game.
Thad Bell

As we mentioned earlier today, we have three tickets to the 2013 MLS All Star game at Sporting Park to give away courtesy of Allstate. One winner will get all three tickets to be picked up at will call the day of the game.

It is really simple to enter. Leave a comment on this post and tell us your favorite memory of the All Star Game, an All Star player, opponent, referee. Almost anything as long as you can relate it to an MLS All Star game in some way.

You do not need the best story, the winner will be chosen completely at random. Grammer, spelling does not matter. Just take a little time to tell us your story. Get some friend to enter also and make them promise to take you if they win.

You have until Monday morning at 8:00 AM to enter.

UPDATE: Entries are now closed. We will run a random picker soon to choose the winner.

UPDATE: We have sent an email to the winner, please check and make sure you respond as soon as possible.