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False rumor: Bunbury to Sweden

Twitter briefly erupted this today with rumors that Teal Bunbury was headed to a second division club in Sweden. A quick chat with Sporting KC assistant Kerry Zavagnin squashed that quickly.

Teal Bunbury was the object of a transfer rumor
Teal Bunbury was the object of a transfer rumor
Thad Bell

Twitter is the perfect form of communication to get mass rumor and speculation started. Fortunately it is also great for killing those same rumors. Graham Ruthven tweeted that he had been told that Teal Bunbury was headed to Sweden to sign with second division club Jönköpings Södra.

When asked about it he responded with a link to this article. I am not sure if he had been told this or just read the article, to me there is a big difference but in either case it seems to be untrue.

It seemed unlikely that Teal, just getting back to playing from his knee surgery would be headed to Sweden so I contacted Sporting Kansas City to get their statement. Since I did not get an immediate reply and was close by, I stopped by the training center. I just missed Manager Peter Vermes but assistant coach Kerry Zavagnin was there and while looking a little surprised at the rumor was more than willing to comment.

"We haven't been contacted by any team in Sweden or otherwise for the services of Teal," Zavagnin stated emphatically.

A quick tweet and this rumor's life span was about an hour.

Just about any time the staff is asked about other clubs interested in players, some variation of ‘there is always interest in our players but we cannot comment on anything at this time' is the answer but not this time.

While you never know what might happen in professional sports, especially soccer, Bunbury to Sweden would have made little sense. He is just getting back to being in the 18, getting some game time and merging back in with his team mates.

If Teal was going to go anywhere, Sporting KC's affiliate in Orlando would make more sense. He could get playing time in a system that matches Sporting KC and is a high enough level that it would benefit him. While not a knock on Sweden, the level of play and the size of the clubs would have made it unlikely as well.

The secondary (summer) transfer window for MLS opens on July 9th and in Sweden their summer window opens on August 1st. Bunbury could not have officially joined until August 1st.