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Time to vote for 2013 NWSL awards

It is time to vote for the 2013 NWSL Awards, lots of FC Kansas City players and coaches should be on the ballot.

Lauren (Cheney) Holiday and Erika Tymrak are contenders for post season awards
Lauren (Cheney) Holiday and Erika Tymrak are contenders for post season awards
Thad Bell

The National Women's Soccer League announced this week the list of 2013 NWSL Awards that will be awarded after the season. The NWSL will announce the award winners the two weeks leading up to the inaugural NWSL Championship game on Saturday, August 31. The 2013 NWSL Awards will be voted upon by owners, general managers, coaches, players and the media.

The votes are weighted:

  • Owners/gms/coaches - 25%
  • Media - 25%
  • Players - 50%

I like the idea that the players themselves get the largest weighted percentage of votes; they are the ones that really know how tough a defender is or how hard it is to beat a certain keeper.

Below is the awards announcement schedule.

2013 NWSL Awards - Announcement Schedule:

Monday, Aug. 19: Golden Boot (#NWSLGB)
Tuesday, Aug. 20: Rookie of the Year (#NWSLROY)
Wednesday, Aug: 21: Goalkeeper of the Year (#NWSLGOY)
Thursday, Aug. 22: Defender of the Year (#NWSLDOY)
Monday, Aug. 26: Coach of the Year (#NWSLCOY)
Tuesday, Aug. 27: MVP (#NWSLMVP)
Wednesday, Aug. 28: Best XI (#NWSLBestXI)

Fans are encouraged to support their favorite players via Facebook and Twitter using the hash tags: #NWSLMVP, #NWSLDOY, #NWSLGOY, #NWSLROY, #NWSLCOY and #NWSLBestXI.

Help me vote

Since I do get a vote, I thought I would solicit the fans input. That does not mean I will change my mind but I will listen. Should I be a total homer and vote for all FC Kansas City players? Should I vote straight up no matter what or maybe just lean a little towards being a homer?

Golden Boot - no vote needed, the top goal scorer wins this

Rookie of the year - must be a college draft eligible player. FC Kansas City's Erika Tymrak and Kristie Mewis would both be candidates. My first place vote has to go to Tymrak, she has played her way into the starting lineup, scored six goals and three assists and gained some attention from the national team coach. Who else around the league should be considered for the first place vote? Second? Third?

Goalkeeper of the Year - this is tough. I love Nicole Barnhart, she is quiet, humble, soft spoken off the field and a flat out badass shot stopper on the field but some other keepers can also make their case for the best in the league. Barnhart is first in shutouts and tied for first in wins and would probably have had more if not missing time for National Team duty. Barnhart did benefit from having the best defense in front of her. Karina LeBlanc and Adriana Franch both can make a case for being the best keeper as well. We can vote for three but who gets the top vote?

Defender of the Year - another tough category. Not to sound like too much of a homer but three FC Kansas City Blues make a case for votes. Becky Sauerbrunn, Lauren Sesselmann and Leigh Ann Robinson (who does not get nearly enough recognition) have all been great. Sauerbrunn and Sesselmann have teamed up to stop the best attackers in the world all season. Wambach, Morgan, Sinclair, Leroux Ocampo have all struggled to put quality shots on goal against the Blues central defenders. Robinson has been key for FC Kansas City both in defense and getting forward logging a lot of miles on the sideline. Right now I lean towards Sauerbrunn for a first place vote but who from around the league should I also consider for the top three votes?

Coach of the Year - with how much the national media talked about how first place FC Kansas City's coaches were unproven unknowns before the season, how could I vote for anyone but Vlatko Andonovski at this point. Vlatko and his staff scouted, drafted and signed their way to a solid team before the season and the managed that team to be sitting atop the table with one game left. Not to mention helping a world class player like Lauren Holiday become even better and a young talent like Erika Tymrak blossom into potential national team material. Sounds like Andonovski has my vote for first (try to convince me of someone else) but which NWSL coach gets second or third place votes?

MVP - this is easy, Lauren Holiday. Leads league in goals and assists despite missing time for the National Team and getting married. Holiday was a very good midfielder before he season, now she is a force to be reckoned with on the field. The only other player that comes close is the current FIFA Women's Player of the Year Abby Wambach who sits in second for assists and third for goals.

BEST XI - Four defenders and a combination of six midfielders/forwards (one - three forwards). The Goalkeeper of the Year will be added to the field players to round out the team. There are some obvious choices from above, but who else should we consider from around the league?

We have until Sunday night to vote, let us know what you think. I will post my vote as the awards are announced.