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Besler focused on Sporting Kansas City for now

Despite reports of interest from other clubs, Besler still focused on Sporting Kansas City.

Matt Besler's success has made him the object of interest by clubs around the world
Matt Besler's success has made him the object of interest by clubs around the world
Thad Bell

A few days ago, Steven Goff of the Washington Post wrote that he had "learned a number of clubs overseas have been tracking Besler, 26, in both MLS and on national duty". Goff is well connected with agents and league officials so he is usually correct if he says a team or teams have an interest in a player. Goff's reporting is reliable but really this is a no-brainer.

Over the last year or so, Matt Besler has started to be recognized as the defensive stud many of us in Kansas City already realized. National team success, All-Star games, MLS Defender of the Year, of course these all add up to teams around the world with money to spend watching him. If they aren't tracking him there is something wrong with them. Transfer windows in some large leagues are still open but it would be doubtful that he moved in this window even if the interest was very serious.

Since that article, I have not seen anyone actually ask Besler about the potential interest by other teams so I stopped him after practice Friday morning. It was a brief chat; he had a very short time to get to the airport for the trip to San Jose for Sunday's match and understandably did not want to get into all the speculations.

Q: Heard anything about teams having an interest in you?

Besler: "At this time I have not heard anything."

Q: Has your agent heard from anyone?

Besler: "I don't know. I pretty much told him to keep me out of things for a while so I could focus on the next couple months."

Q: You have told me you were happy to be here at least until the World Cup?

Besler : "Yeah. Right now the situation is very good here. Right now I am under contract for two and half more years so in my mind I am focused on here for two and half more years."

Q: Omar Gonzalez was just signed to a DP contract, does that make you want to renegotiate or is the contract up there already?

Besler: "I don't think about that stuff really. Yeah, I'm not too worried about that stuff."

Both Besler and Graham Zusi have at different times said that Kansas City is the best place for them to be to get to the World Cup next year. Whether that is having consistent playing time, the style of play, easy access for Klinsmann to call up or something else entirely is unclear.