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Behind Enemy Lines: Three Questions with Waking the Red

We talked with Kristin Knowles from Waking the Red about the upcoming match between Sporting Kansas City and Toronto FC.


1) With playoffs assumedly out of the question, what will be the goal for Toronto for this game and for the rest of the season?

What are these playoffs of which you speak? Ah, playoffs have been out of the question from year one for TFC it would seem. What's the goal? To not get anyone else injured and to not embarrass themselves. Seriously; there's really nothing else to be done. We joke about them playing spoiler for some teams on or near the bubble but really, it's TFC - not exactly striking fear in the hearts of anyone at the moment. Oh I forgot one very important goal - to get at least one point so as to finish every so marginally better than last year.

2) Early in the season, Toronto came out and put a hurt on Sporting's defense en route to a 2-1 victory. What will have to happen for Toronto to do that again this time around?

We're requesting rain as that seems to be the best way to get them to score. And as there's rain in the forecast be on the lookout for last minute monsoons. There's also the faint hope that Bright Dike will be able to crash him way to the net and make something happen. And we're still waiting to hear whether or not Jonathan Osorio will face any retroactive disciplinary action from the New York game.

3) How do you rate Ryan Nelsen's job so far this season? Has he done enough with the current squad to warrant some more seasons as manager or would you prefer Toronto look elsewhere?

Now there's a loaded question. Depends on which version of the current squad you're looking at. He's clearly a defense first kind of coach and seems to have found his preferred back four. As they gel (recent games notwithstanding) the team's been more difficult to score on - and yes I realize that's comparing them to last year but we'll take whatever silver linings we can around here.

It's the finishing/scoring part that's the issue. Now it's not as though he's had a lot of options - which you could really say about most of the team. I don't think he's been an abject failure - He's done enough in my eyes to give him more time at the helm. What will be interesting - or horrifying depending on your view - is to see how the new tandem of he and (new GM/capologist) Tim Bezbatchenko go about getting players for the upcoming season. A rookie coach and GM with Tim Leiweke pulling the stings? It's either going to work or in true TFC fashion blow up spectacularly.