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FC Kansas City trade talk

Lots of trade talk swirling around the league in general and FC Kansas City in particular

Henninger is the subject of trade talk
Henninger is the subject of trade talk
Thad Bell

On Friday, the Houston Dash took 10 players in the NWSL Expansion draft. Shortly after the draft concluded, FC Kansas City President tweeted a picture of their war room and commented, "Expect some trades soon."

There is a lot of chatter about possible trades around the league in general and FC Kansas City specifically. Various contacts have reported these trades are in the works for the Blues.

One source confirmed that FC Kansas City is in the process of dealing a keeper to Houston. The Dash sent Melissa Tancredi to Chicago for Erin McLeod before the draft so the Dash did not take any keepers during the expansion draft. They are still in need of a second keeper. The Blues have U.S. allocated NWSL Goalkeeper of the year Nicole Barnhart, Mexico allocated Cecilia Santiago and talented backup Bianca Henninger currently on the roster. It is unlikely that the Blues would be trading  either allocated player so most likely it is Henninger on the move.

Another probable trade in the works would reunite Sinead Farrelly with her former coach Paul Riley in Portland. Farrelly played for Riley with the Philadelphia Independence in the WPS.

There is also talk that the Blues are working hard on landing a big name player in a trade as well. Not sure who or from where but any big name is great news for FC Kansas City.

Stay tuned...