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Blues' Scott signs with Notts County but not gone yet

FC Kansas City's Desiree Scott is reported to have signed with Notts County FC in England but the Blues and NWSL still have her under contract.

Desiree Scott was a key defensive piece in the Blues' midfield last season
Desiree Scott was a key defensive piece in the Blues' midfield last season
Thad Bell

Notts County FC of the FAWSL , the top league in England announced the signing of Canadian internationalDesiree Scott today. Losing Scott would be a big setback for the Blues, she was part of the best defense in the NWSL last season when she paired with Jen Buczkowski as the two defensive midfielders in FC Kansas City's 4-2-3-1 lineup.

"Desiree is an extremely impressive footballer, and she's shown this across many levels," Notts County Manager Rick Passmoor stated in the press release. "Bringing her to Notts County shows our ambition, as well as hers. We continue to strive forward as a football team, a team which trains full time, and a team which has real intent to achieve in women's football."

What is interesting is the signing came as a surprise to FC Kansas City. The Blues had recently received the list of allocated players from Canada with Scott's and Lauren Sesselmann's names on it and expected her in pre-season camp with everyone else.

The Blues had no comment at this point but sources did explain that the NWSL and the CSA (Canadian Soccer Association) have Scott under contract for 2014. The format of the NWSL is similar to MLS in that it is single entity so contracts are with the league and in Scott's case as an allocated nation team player; she has a contract with her federation to play in the NWSL.

The press release did state that it was subject to international clearance and at this point it is unlikely that FC Kansas City will be sending her ITC (International Transfer Card) over by priority mail.

This may be a move by her agent to try and drive up the salary for Scott and other allocated players from the CSA.  With the Women's World Cup in Canada in 2015 and the whole purpose of the NWSL to provide a place for U.S. and Canadian women to play, it seems like an odd time to risk offending your federation.