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Sporting Kansas City turns down $1 Million offer from Juventus for Erik Palmer-Brown

So, just how bright of a future does 16 year old Erik Palmer-Brown have?


Less than six months ago, Erik Palmer-Brown became the youngest person ever to sign with Sporting Kansas City in franchise history. The 16 year-old is now drawing some interest from abroad, as Sports Illustrated's Grant Wahl reports:

Sporting Kansas City has turned down a $1 million bid from Italian giant Juventus for 16-year-old defender Erik Palmer-Brown, a source with knowledge of the offer told


Not some second level club that no one in the United States has heard of. This is Juventus, one of the premiere European clubs and the current leader of Serie A interested in this Sporting Kansas City academy product.

The bigger fact, however, has to be that Sporting Kansas City turned down the $1 million bid so that they could keep Palmer-Brown. This speaks volumes about the potential Palmer-Brown has and how highly Sporting Kansas City values him. They would've made headlines had they made the transfer, earning praise for their academy for producing a player good enough for a premiere club.

Instead, Sporting Kansas City made Erik Palmer-Brown even more interesting. They value his potential enough at 16 that they are willing to turn down $1 million dollars for a player who hasn't played a minute professionally. The potential for Erik Palmer-Brown is apparently sky high. If he turns out as well as Sporting KC hopes, how much will he be worth then?