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Sporting Kansas City agrees to terms with Chance Myers

Myers' agent has tweeted that Sporting Kansas City and Chance Myers have agreed to terms for a new contract.


After some growing concern that Sporting Kansas and Chance Myers were lingering on a deal, Myers' agent gave Kansas City a huge sigh of relief.'s Andrew Wiebe confirmed it minutes later.

This is huge news for Sporting Kansas City's 2014 campaign. It keeps the 2013 MLS Cup Champion back line together, and helps build the consistency that got the team there in 2013. Myers will now join up with Sporting Kansas City in their preseason training in Tucson and will be with them for the remainder of the year. Terms of the deal have not yet been disclosed but he will be in Kansas City for the next year at least.

Now all that is left is for the two parties to put pen to paper, as brought to us by KC Star reporter Sam McDowell.

This gives Sporting KC a good starter for 2014 and a capable backup in Mechack Jerome. There were some worries that Myers was not going to agree to terms and that Jerome would have to have to step up but those worries are calmed now.

Maybe it was this video, created by the Distributor's Mackenzie Manning, that got Myers to agree. Thanks Mackenzie.