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NWSL: Sesselmann gone also

It looks like Lauren Sesselmann is signing with another team as well, two big losses for the Blues

Losing Lauren Sesselmann could be another big blow to FC Kansas City' offseason
Losing Lauren Sesselmann could be another big blow to FC Kansas City' offseason
Thad Bell

A few days ago it was announced that Canadian star Desiree Scott had signed with Notts County FC in England. This came as a surprise to FC Kansas City, the NWSL and the Canadian Soccer Association as it was their belief at the time that Scott was still under contract.

Sources now say to not expect Canadian defender Lauren Sesselmann back with the Blues either. It appears that she is prepared to sign (if she has not already) with a club in another league also.

It is the understanding of sources close to both Scott and Sesselmann that they became free agents due to an issue with their original contracts with the CSA/NWSL as allocated players.

The NWSL is structured unlike any other league in the world although there are similarities to MLS with the league being a single entity. The NWSL differs however with the Allocated players from the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Each of those players are paid by their respective federations and work under contracts through those federations.

Losing either player would be bad news for FC Kansas City but losing both could be devastating. The Blues have based their plans and off-season moves around having both players available. Trying to change plans now would be difficult at best but at least they have time to venture in the free-agent market before the season.