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Sporting Kansas City honored by President Obama

Sporting KC are honored at the White House for winning the 2013 MLS Cup.

Win McNamee

Sporting Kansas City was honored Wednesday by President Obama for winning the 2013 MLS Cup.

The video of the ceremony is below. The President received a framed Sporting KC primary jersey with his last name and the number 44, as well as an MLS Cup medal from the organization.

He joked with Aurelien Collin about his fashion line and also gave a shoutout to the Cauldron. Peter Vermes joked that he didn't get to go to the White House when he won in 2000 as a player so he had to come back and do it as a coach.

Sporting KC are in Washington this week to take on DC United on Friday, trying to beat United for the first time this season.

The President also mentioned the Chiefs big win on Monday Night Football over the New England Patriots and also the Royals' huge comeback victory over the Oakland Athletics in the American League Wild Card game. He said "It's a pretty good day to be from KC."

Yes it is, Mr. President. Yes it is.