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Claros suspension a mystery

Jorge Claros suspension remains a mystery

Jorge Claros appears to be suspended for three games
Jorge Claros appears to be suspended for three games
Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Jorge Claros, the Honduran man of mystery that survives gun shots to the head is part of an intriguing but far less dramatic mystery. Friday evening before Sporting Kansas City's match at DC United, Claros appeared on the MLS Disciplinary Committee page with a three game suspension for "inappropriate language".

He was not listed there earlier in the week and was not on the weekly report when SKC defender Igor Juliao received a fine for a hand (light slap) to the face of Charlie Davies.

Shortly after everyone noticed Claros was suspended, his name was removed from the MLS page.

Claros was not in the eighteen for Sporting KC's draw with DC United and when manager Peter Vermes was asked about it post game, he pleaded ignorance of the situation.

"I'm not privy to everything because the league dealt with it," Vermes stated. "It was a situation where allegedly there were some inappropriate comments. I can't tell you because I don't know what they were because like I said, I wasn't  privy to that. I'm not going to make a statement about something I don't know."

When asked if took place on the field or elsewhere, Vermes replied, "again, I wasn't privy to all the information, I don't know so that is all I can tell you."

Vermes was then asked if perhaps the suspension in being appealed and maybe that is why the announcement was removed from the MLS site. "I'm telling you guys, I've not been involved in the process. You guys know me, I am direct with you. It is hard for me to answer something if I don't k now it," Vermes responded.

What could get a three game suspension?

Three games for "inappropriate language" would lead speculation to something racial, homophobic or along those lines. MLS has previously suspended Alan Gordon, Colin Clark and Marc Burch for using a homophobic term. All of those players were suspended for three games.

Three Games

If Claros did receive a three game suspension and his first match served was last night in DC, he would effectively be out for the remainder of the regular season. There are three more matches but Claros was called up for the Honduran friendly versus Mexico on October 9th and the U.S. on October 14th. Claros would have missed the Chicago match anyway and suspensions do not count for games that a player is not available so his remaining two suspensions would be against Philadelphia and New York.