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Olum on his way to Malaysia?

Sporting KC's Lawrence Olum may be playing for Kedah FA in Malaysia in the future

Olum was a great substitute off the bench
Olum was a great substitute off the bench
Gary Rohman-USA TODAY Sports

A tweet announcing a deal for Lawrence Olum moving to a team in the Malaysian second division came from an agent this morning. Olum appears to be signing with Kedah FA.

While the tweet seems to have disappeared, the Kedah FA Facebook page has photos with him and other players receiving scarves. A very typical thing to do after signing.

Olum signed with Sporting KC in September of 2011 after a strong season with Orlando. While terms were not released contracts are typically four years through to the end of the year.

Sporting Kansas City declined to comment other than say he is currently under contract with Sporting KC.

A very likely scenario is that Olum will be out of contract at the beginning of the next year and may have signed a pre-contract pending all the normal physicals and ITC (International Transfer Certificate) paperwork.

Update: A source close to the situation is reporting that Sporting KC and Olum mutually agreed to terminate the contract early so he could sign. That is not confirmed but the source has been reliable.