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Oh my goodness me! Callum Williams not returning in 2015

Callum Williams and Diego Gutierrez will not be returning to SKCTV in 2015.

Thad Bell

Sporting Kansas City announced on Wednesday that TV and radio personalities Callum Williams and Diego Gutierrez will not be returning to the club for the 2015 season.

Gutierrez has only spent one year commentating with the team. He was criticized for his tendency to make excuses for Kansas City and generally cheer for the home team. Previously, he served as an analyst, broadcasting with FOX Sports 1. There has been no official announcement as to whether he will return to this spot.

Williams joined the team at the beginning of the 2011 season after broadcasting with BBC radio in England. In Kansas City, some disliked him for the way he complimented the opposing teams. Rumor has it that the Englishman will join BeIn Sports.

In 2011 when he was hired, Williams spoke of the difficulties of getting Americans to watch soccer.

"It'll be difficult to pry people away from the likes of baseball and basketball, but as they say, Rome wasn't built in a day."

While Sporting Park might not be quite as impressive as Rome, the crowds have definitely grown since Williams has been a part of the broadcast team.

Best of luck, Cal. You will be sorely missed.

The videos below only scratch the surface of all of the brilliant calls made by Callum Williams. Comment with your favorite!

The video below highlights some of the criticisms that both commentators faced.