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Robb Heineman's FlyNTweet

Robb answered questions for 2 straight hours today on his flight home from NYC. Topics ranged all the way from Taylor Swift to injury updates and new signings.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

On his two hour flight home from NYC, Robb Heineman responded to about 100 fan questions. When that man starts driving a Twitter, you don't want to miss it. It was funny, it was informational, and it was weird. Here are the highlights.

It started off confusing:

But we got some good news on Chance Myers:

He answered Roger Espinoza questions:

He talked a lot about Espinoza:

OK he couldn't stop talking about Espinoza:


There were of course some disappointing tweets:

And this one:

Sorry T-Swift fans (actually no I'm not):

There will be another Sporting Take Off party:

Things got weird:

The new training facility is getting started in March:

Encouraging words for Igor fans!

2015 Sporting KC will look very different:

We can look forward to a big signing:

...maybe even a couple:

It would appear Luis Marín is on his way to KC, but he is not the only one:

But neither are going to be a DP:

And neither would Espinoza:

And neither will Dom Dwyer:

Therefore, this tweet may be implying they are looking for a DP level winger:

Although there isn't much else to do while stuck on a plane, we are lucky to have an owner that cares about the fan base enough to answer so many questions.

We know Robb.. we know: