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SKC Holiday video connects with fans

SKC Holiday video connects with fans in general and a pair of fans very specifically

The happy couple at a match
The happy couple at a match
Thad Bell

Sporting Kansas City has become known for their connection with fans the last few years. From Kei Kamara's snow ball fight a few years ago through now, SKC players are accessible and feed off the love of the fans.

This year's holiday video from Sporting KC highlights some of that connection with the community but also has a special present for a pair of fans at the end.

Mark Murdick has been a mainstay in the Cauldron end since Sporting Park opened and he has been one of those very visible faces. He helped found the Trenches of SKC supporters group, the ones wearing the World War One replica helmets as an homage to the National World War One Memorial (Liberty Memorial) and Museum in Kansas City.

Mark met Kaylahree at a club in Kansas City and in his own words, "We clicked almost immediately. We had the best time that night. Needless to say, I was in love."

Kaylahree was not an SKC fan at first; she was new to Kansas City after all. "I eased her into the crazy SKC family by taking her to Comets games,' Mark explained. "But she officially became a fan after opening day 2013.

Mark says that it is no coincidence that is was also the championship season for Sporting KC. Fast forwarding a bit to March of 2014 found Mark proposing on top of the Liberty Memorial. Kaylahree said yes and the happy couple is engaged to be married August 29th next year. "Hopefully it's an away match," Mark stated. Take note MLS schedule makers!

Last winter, the city was all a glow with an MLS Cup and fans found Matt Besler's wedding registry. Matt and Amanda were getting married right after MLS Cup and fans blew through the remaining items on Matt and Amanda's registry, getting them everything.

This year it is Matt and Amanda's turn to repay the love. As seen in the video, the Besler's are paying off Mark and Kaylahree's season tickets balance.

The kind gesture came as a surprise to the happy couple. "I checked my phone this morning and my Facebook notifications was 'blowing up' with our Cauldron family tagging us in the beautifully made SKC holiday video featuring Sporting KC players most notably, our superstar defenseman Matt Besler and his wife Amanda," Mark explained.

A word from the happy couple....

"We would like to extend our sincere thanks to Matt and Amanda Besler for thinking of their SKC fans this holiday season. We are deeply moved by their gesture and can't thank them enough for their gratitude. This gift is not just for us but all of the SKC fan base by letting everyone know just how much the players appreciate our extended support for the team and their families. Again, thank you so very much. Happy Holidays from the future Mr. and Mrs. Murdick. Expect a save the date in the mail!"

Mark and Kaylahree