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Comets vs Chicago (Clash of Champions part 2)

The Comets face Chicago tonight in a rematch from the Comets win a month ago. The PASL champion Mustangs travel to the MISL champion Comets.

Bryan Perez has had a good start to the season for the Comets
Bryan Perez has had a good start to the season for the Comets
Thad Bell

The Comets face the Chicago Mustangs tonight in the" Battle of Champions" round two tonight at Independence Event Center at 7:00 PM in hopes of extending their win streak to 6-0.

When the Comets beat the Mustangs in Chicago a month ago, it was looked at by many as a test of the two leagues that combined. The Comets won the MISL championship last year and Chicago was the PASL champion for last season.

While the Comets did come out and control the first half of the match on the way to a commanding 12-6 win, the Mustangs had found their footing and were relative equals in the second half.

Comets' midfielder Bryan Perez is looking forward to the rematch. "It's a huge game for us and it won't be the same as the first game for us, it will be a little harder. They are going to come prepared

"They were really good individually," Perez continued. "I think that they were just missing a couple of thing that will make them a really good team. It should be fun to play them again and see how we do."

Chicago has played the former MISL teams tough. After the loss to the Comets, Chicago split a home and home winning on the road at St. Louis and then narrowly beating Milwaukee at home.

That experience will help Chicago. "It's going to be a little different of a game than at the beginning of the season," Comets' mid Milan Ivanovic stated. "Both teams have a couple more games behind us and we will both be more ready for this game so it's going to be a challenging game.

"They will be more ready but we didn't show everything, we still have a lot more for them to see and we can surprise them," Ivanovic confessed.

Comets head coach Vlatko Andonovski anticipates a good match, "they have done a lot better since they played us. They were the champions of their league; you would expect them to be up to this level. Chicago is a team that can do some damage and will be high up in the standings."

No rest...

The Comets will be running on short rest as the travel to Tulsa to play Saturday night in their first meeting with the Revolution.

"We've just got to stay healthy and keep short shifts so we can be ready for the next day," Perez acknowledged.

When asked if he has had time to prepare for Tulsa, Coach Andonovski replied, "I've had the chance to see Tulsa a couple times now. They are a young and up and coming team. Just like every team we play, we make it easy or hard. It less about what they are going to do and more about what we are going to step up and do."