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Comets again cruise past Chicago

Comets dominate again and easily win 15-6 over Chicago

Great team effort by Comets to win again
Great team effort by Comets to win again
Thad Bell

The Comets continued to roll through the start of the season and are now 6-0 after defeating Chicago 15-6 Friday night. Comets' veteran Leo Gibson led the way with four goals (one in each quarter) and an assist. Captain Vahid Assadpour and Bryan Perez both added two goals and two assists as well.

The game mirrored the first match as the Comets jumped out to an early lead in both and then relaxed a little and let the game even out. In this game, the Comets pressured the Mustangs hard and early and created numerous turnovers that led to goals and a 7-1 lead in the first quarter and 10-1 at half.

"You have to love the way we stepped up and played this game, it's just unbelievable," Comets head coach Vlatko Andonovski said after the game. "As a coach, it's a characteristic of mine to always say there is something we could do better but just happy for the boys."

After the half, Chicago started to apply pressure and the teams played fairly even, both teams scoring five goals in the second half.

"That is something that I was unhappy with," Andonovski admitted."Why is it the second half is 5-5 and the first half is 10-1. At the same time as a coach I have to be understanding that there is a different mentality when the game is 0-0 and when the game is 10-1. As much as you want to push then and keep them engaged in the game, they are smart enough to know that we are here to win games and make a statement. Whether it is 15-6 or 12-3 it doesn't really matter."

Chicago point of view

"They came to play," was Chicago head coach Armando Gamboa's first response when asked about the Comets. "They came to play and they had a few early goals and they continued to pressure in the first quarter and they did their game. There is not much I can say, the guys had a great first and second quarter and we were losing out marks easily. Our defense needs to work on our marking."

"We underestimate ourselves and need to work on that mentality of starting at an early stage of the game," Gamboa continued. "A perfect example is the last game against Milwaukee; we came in an scored four goals in the first half and then lost it in the second two quarters. We need to become a complete team in order to play at the highest level. Not that we aren't playing at the highest level but we need to work on all four quarters."

Tulsa up next

Andonovski was trying to get his team home to get some rest after the match because the Comets had a quick turnaround and head to Tulsa for a game Saturday night. After such a dominating performance, Andonovski was asked if his team would be ready for Tulsa. "I think we are," he replied. "But after this game we are not going to play anywhere near our best game. We are little exhausted, we have to travel for five hours but that is part of the game and other teams are in the same situation or will be."