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The last day as MLS Champions

It's been a good year but today another team will win the MLS Cup. A quick look back at the day SKC won.

Collin rising out of the MLS Cup like a French genie to will SKC to the win
Collin rising out of the MLS Cup like a French genie to will SKC to the win
Thad Bell

A year ago the MLS Cup was in Kansas City.

The day was cold, bitterly cold by the end. The players had to not only compete with each other but fight and endure the elements. The field was icy and hard.

The fans were bundled up and burning through alcohol and hand-warmers at an amazing rate.

The goal by Aurelien Collin in regulation to even it up and then eventually nail-biting penalties to decide the result.

Jimmy Nielsen with cracked ribs putting the last of his aged body on the line and then Collin in the tenth round putting SKC ahead with all the pressure on Lovel Palmer. As Palmer makes his run forward, the Cauldron does a collective inhale and the ball rolls forward. Palmer lifts the shot off the crossbar and Sporting Kansas City earned their second star.

Frozen tears, hugs and a memory well earned by all.

The first Championship in Kansas City in a long time and the start of a run in soccer that has been absolutely amazing. The Missouri Comets winning the MISL championship and FC Kansas City winning the NWSL championship. All these wins started the "Soccer City/Capital" phrase being used to refer to the City of Fountains.

It's been a long year and Sporting KC has struggled with unprecedented injuries and other challenges but is has been a fun ride as champs.

Good luck to the Revolution and the Galaxy. May it mean as much to you and your fans as it did to Kansas City....