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Comets Continue Undefeated Streak

Playing for the second time in as many nights, the Comets dominated another former PASL team on the way to recording their 7th straight win this season. Three players recorded hat tricks on the way to their 15-5 road victory over the Tulsa Revolution.

At this point in the season, teams usually start to get a feel for each other. Tendencies have started to develop, tactics are shown and games start to tighten up. It's hard to keep secrets from opposing coaches when there are five or six game tapes to study.

However, the Comets have never kept any secrets. Simply, they will hold the ball and pass around you as they work the ball down the field for a shot. When all else fails, they will feed Leo Gibson and watch him create magic.

On Saturday, they relied on that strategy to help them tough out the second game in as many nights, this one in Tulsa, Oklahoma against former PASL side, the Tulsa Revolution.

Unlike the other new teams the Comets have faced this year, there were no dominating storylines coming into this game. There wasn't a storied history like there was against Dallas or Wichita, or a matchup of defending champions like against Chicago. Tulsa was a relatively unknown.

Playing conservatively, the Comets looked a little out of sorts at times in the opening half. It took the Comets over seven minutes to get their first score when Vahid Assadpour got his ninth goal of the season. By contrast, in the same amount of time the night before, Missouri already held a 5-1 lead against the Chicago Mustangs.

It was all downhill for the Comets after that. At the halftime break the Comets held an 8-2 lead. Brian Harris, Robert Palmer and Max Touloute each had two goals while Leo Gibson chipped in with his league leading 17th goal of the year.

Danny Waltman, ironman goalkeeper for the Comets to this point, took a seat in the second half as second-year goalkeeper Brendan Allen saw his first MASL action.

Switched to defense last season, John Sosa has been a solid player throughout the season for the Comets. His efforts were rewarded when he notched a hat trick in a three minute period of the third quarter.

Palmer and Touloute finished off their own hat tricks in the fourth quarter, accompanied by scores from Bryan Perez and Andrew Braithwaite. Tulsa was able to find the net five times throughout the night, but there was never any illusion of them threatening the outcome of this match.

After seven games, the Comets remain undefeated while scoring 89 goals and allowing only 36. Their 12.7 goals per game average is over three goals more than Baltimore, who ranks number two in that category. Missouri hopes to continue its domination next week as Kim Roentved makes his first appearance in the Independence Events Center as the opposing head coach for the Wichita B-52s.