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Trades: Collin to Orlando, Sapong to Philly, Anor acquired

With Collin out of contract and wanting serious bump in salary, SKC trades him to Orlando

Aurelien Collin on the way to Orlando
Aurelien Collin on the way to Orlando
Thad Bell

The little four hour trade window right after MLS Cup and before the Expansion draft protected lists have to be turned in can be very busy and today is no exception.

Reports out Orlando are that Sporting Kansas City has sent defender Aurelien Collin to Orlando in exchange for allocation money and "future considerations".

Reports out of Philly that CJ Sapong is head to the Union in exchange for a first round pick (which year is not clear yet).

It also sounds like Sporting is picking up Bernardo Anor from Columbus.

Stay tuned here for all the latest info....


Sporting Kansas City President Robb Heineman confirms Collin and Sapong trades and hints at incoming moves

And confirmation that Philly is giving up a 2015 first round pick for Sapong.

This would give Sporting KC three picks in the first round. The tenth for Sapong, SKC's natural pick at twelfth and New England's pick at twentieth for Bunbury. Interestingly, Sapong was picked tenth in 2011 and went on to win rookie of the year.