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Good new for Comets despite losing to Baltimores

There was good news on Sunday for the Missouri Comets despite losing to the Blast.

Comets huddle to figure a way to break down the Blast
Comets huddle to figure a way to break down the Blast
Thad Bell

When a team loses by the score of 18-4, there is usually not a lot of sincere good news. In the Missouri Comets case on Sunday there really was good news despite the one-sided score line. With a quarter of the season remaining, the Comets clinched a playoff spot when the Rochester Lancers lost earlier in the evening.

The bad news, Baltimore's league best defense nearly shut down the Comets scoring. Missouri took a good number of shots (24) but Blast defenders blocked a third of them before they could get to the goal line and William Vanzela turned away all but two that did get through.

Baltimore Blast Head Coach Danny Kelly was clearly pleased with his team's performance. "It was a tremendous effort to hold a team like Missouri with the caliber of players they have on the team to four points. It's a tremendous accomplishment for our team, it just goes to show their commitment to winning the defensive battles, blocking shots and doing what they needed to do."

While the Blast coach was happy, the Missouri Comets Head Coach Vlatko Andonovski  was understandably not very happy. "First I want to congratulate Baltimore for the great game they played. From games like this we just try to learn. We'll go back in the video room and watch everything and try to get the best out of it. One thing that we know about games like this is if we played Pennsylvania and played like this the score is going to be different. If you play Baltimore or Milwaukee and make mistakes like this you are going to get punished. Now we need to go eliminate those mistakes. Now that we know we are in the playoff we know we are going to face one of those two teams. Hopefully we step up and do a better job next time."

"Every time we lose a game we are unhappy," Andonovski continued. "Losing the way we lost makes it even worse. Are we worried? No. We know we can compete. It was too many mistakes against a team like this and we have to get back on track as soon as possible."

Comets' Captain and league leading scorer Vahid Assadpour had to sit out the game with a muscle strain but could be ready for the next match or more likely the one after that.