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Despite reports from Italy, no deal with Juventus for Palmer-Brown

Despite continous reports fromn Italy, there is no deal with Juventus for Palmer-Brown

Sporting KC training at Arrowhead
Sporting KC training at Arrowhead
Thad Bell

Over the last couple weeks, there have been numerous reports that Juventus made a $1 million offer for Sporting Kansas City's 16-year-old defender Erik Palmer-Brown. The reports have varied but most of the ones from Europe have said that there is an agreement for Sporting KC to sell Palmer-Brown but that he would remain with Sporting KC until he turned 18 and then go to Juventus. Reports seem to keep popping up every few days with the latest saying that the clubs are drawing up documents.

After practice on Tuesday, Sporting KC Manager Peter Vermes stated that there is no deal for the talented young defender. Vermes confirmed that Juventus has talked with Sporting KC but he re-iterated there is no deal.