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Joseph still not practicing with Sporting KC

Despite numerous tests, nobody knows what is wrong with Joseph.

SKC could use Joseph as another option this year
SKC could use Joseph as another option this year

Peterson Joseph is still not practicing with Sporting Kansas City and is unlikely to be headed to Florida with the rest of the team Friday. Joseph passed out in training last October and has not practiced with the team since but has undergone numerous tests.

"He's got a health issue. We're still trying to deal with what it actually truly is. I don't want to go too deep into it right now, because we're still waiting on some tests," Sporting KC Manager Peter Vermes explained after practice. "He's gone through a battery of tests here, he flew to New York for a battery of tests there, and now some other people are taking a look at him as well. Until that's sorted out, we will not take a chance regarding him and his health."

The 23-year-old midfielder, nicknamed the "Haitian Xavi" first had a similar problem almost exactly a year earlier but that was attributed to dehydration or minor illness and did not reoccur until 2013.

Joseph and Sporting KC both just want to know what the issue is. Until then they do not know when or if he can return to the team.

"We honestly do not know," Vermes stated. "That's part of the issue at the moment. That's why we're not going to take any chances. His health is more important to us. Soccer is a far second to his health. We're not taking chances with his health."