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SKC close to bringing in Toni?

It appears that Toni will be joining SKC on loan from Celta Vigo

Toni may be close to joining SKC on loan
Toni may be close to joining SKC on loan
Denis Doyle

It appears (not confirmed) that Sporting is close to bringing Antonio Rodríguez Dovale, aka Toni in on loan from Celta Vigo in the Spanish first division.

Last week Vermes confirmed they were interested in Toni and there have been several reports  out of Spain that said Toni was headed to Kansas City. Over the weekend a source told me that Toni was in Kansas City but it is not a source I knew very well and could not confirm so we did not say anything at the time.

This morning Sporting KC Robb Heinemann tweeted:

When we reached out to Sporting KC they declined to comment on any player that was not currently under contract with the team.

This article states that Toni will be on loan from Celta Vigo. Toni had signed a contract through 2017 and Celta was unwilling to just release him. So it sounds like a loan with an option to buy is pretty close. Of course it can still fall through but is does sound promising that Vermes will have another tool in his chest.

Wonder if he is anywhere near ‘Sporting Fit'?