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Oops, I did it again: Player Ratings from the Sporting KC vs. FC Dallas Match

A few thoughts on another late game falter from SKC as they draw FCD 1-1.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

So one shot on goal and one goal. That's the most frustrating part to me. In what would probably have been a pretty dominating performance from SKC up until the last minute, Dallas grabbed one back on a set piece derived from a maybe questionable foul call. But in no way is that result on the ref, giving a guy a free header like that is just something you cant do if you want to maintain the leagues best defense title. And for most of the game I thought they looked it.

Really, I felt that was an enjoyable and well played game. If anything I thought Kansas City was a little hesitant to shoot, but the passing game and defensive work looked just as stellar as last years.

So overall, it looks like Hedges steals some honors. Remove the Michel assist and Hedges goal and SKC looks way better, and that's the frustration for me. We were better. We let FC Dallas nab exactly one shot on goal. Kronberg had nothing to do except miss one save (which I don't fault him for at all). And yet, we could only steal 1 point. Through 89 minutes, SKC has 4 points. Through 90, they've got one. That's annoying. Not worrying let, at no point have they looked poor, and they've yet to play what I would consider their Best XI, but after just missing out on the Supporter's Shield last year, we all know how important each game can be in MLS...

At any rate, here's the player ratings. Hedges turned in a good shift and nabbed a point for Dallas. A little surprising, but not that much, was Benny getting SKC's MOTM honors. With Zusi out, he played a big part in creating the attack and martialling the midfield. Here's to hoping he has the legs to keep it up. Early in the season and it's already feeling like a grind.

Kronberg 4.5
Collin 6.9
Besler 4.9
Sinovic 5.3
Jerome 4.5
Feilhaber 7.3
Medranda 4.9
Zizzo 4.5
Rosell 4.9
Peterson 4.1
Martinez 4.1
Dwyer 4.5
Sapong 4.1
Bieler 4.1
Team Average 4.9
Seitz 6.1
Hedges 8.1
Michel 4.1
Benetiz 4.9
Keel 4.9
Diaz 5.3
Castilo 4.9
Watson 4.5
Jacobson 4.9
Moffat 4.9
Escobar 4.1
Perez 4.5
Texeira 4.1
Team Average 5.1

So overall MOTM to Matt Hedges for his goal and some good work on defense. SKCs MOTM goes to Benny Feilhaber. Onwards and upwards to Mexico City in what promise (at least I think) to be a really exciting and nerve wracking match.