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USL shuts down MISL site

The USL shut down the MISL site Friday.

It looks like even Danny Waltman can not save the MISL at this point
It looks like even Danny Waltman can not save the MISL at this point
Thad Bell

Earlier this week, the breakup of MISL became apparent. The league posted this statement and USL President Tim Holt posted a video response that was widely criticized. Since then there have been a few interviews but it has mostly been quiet.

Friday the USL set the MISL web site to a splash page that then redirects to the main USL site. They also removed MISL from the list of leagues supported by USL.

Excerpts from the USL/MISL statement on Monday:

"Accordingly, the MISL is undertaking a process of comprehensively reviewing all aspects of the property including its membership, competitive product, and economic model."

"We will be spending the next few months working to determine the future of the league with those who possess the capability, desire, and assets to be a part of building a league that is truly special and is worthy of the illustrious history of the MISL name."

The review seems to have gone quickly.

When asked if this meant MISL was done, a USL representative simply replied:

"The status of the MISL remains the same as it was when we released our statement earlier this week."

Further inquiries have not yet received a response.

The Baltimore Blast, Missouri Comets, Rochester Lancers and Syracuse Silver Knights were able to discuss leaving MISL since their three year operating agreement with USL expired after the 2013-14 season. The St. Louis Ambush and Pennsylvania Roar's operating agreement was still for two more years since they just joined the league and the Milwaukee Wave were in the same boat since the Wave changed owners prior to this last season.

There have been reports that the MISL informed the Wave, Ambush and Roar that they were being released from their operating agreement. While nobody has went on record, a source close to the situation indicated that is true. It is not clear if the USL released the teams because they only wanted owners that wanted to stay and had the same vision or because they knew they would not achieve the minimum six teams to keep the league agreement in place.

PASL an option

While not confirmed, all eyes look towards the six (dropping Pennsylvania) former MISL teams either joining the PASL or forming a new league with some PASL teams. Some of the MISL team had already talked with the PASL prior to the season ending to explore "the future of soccer" as Baltimore owner Ed Hale described the meeting.