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SKC notebook - March 22

Odds and ends from the week in Sporting KC

Uri Rosell in a happy moment
Uri Rosell in a happy moment

Another different lineup?

SKC will probably see yet another lineup Saturday. "We've had a lot of games," explained Vermes. "I've had to manage minutes not because I've wanted to but it's the nature of where our team is. I've got to make hard decisions in the short term that is not going to sacrifice the long-term. That is where we stand. There will be some changes for this weekend just because of the short turn around again. Next week we hopefully get back to something a little more normal."


One of those changes looks to be SKC's newest player, Toni. Vermes said he did not know who was going to be in the starting eleven but was "Almost positive he will be in the eighteen."

Vermes typically likes to get players some time on the bench and little shots of game time to get used to the difference in their new league but did not know if he would sub Toni in. "The game will play itself out but he is starting to get to where I think he needs to get," Vermes said. "I think it is a good time to bring him into the eighteen. He's got some qualities that could help us in the game if needed."

If Toni subs in, where?

"He could play any of the five front positions and he could play left back if he really needed to in a pinch," Vermes explained. "He could easily play any of the front five. If he played up front as a forward he would be more like a false nine, like a Fabregas."

Players on loan

Will Sporting KC be sending another player to its affiliate in Orlando?

"Yes, but I just can't do it yet, not until after this weekend's games," Vermes responded.

Chance Myers

Chance is still not ready according to Vermes.

Transfer window still open

When Toni was just  rumor, Vermes admitted to interest in Toni and another guy that was maybe closer than Toni was to signing. When asked if they might still be bringing that player or another player in still, Vermes responded, " could be, could be" as he walked off smiling. 

Quick questions with Uri

Q: We asked Uri Rosell what he said to the player on the ground when he received the yellow card

Uri: No. That is a thing that is left on the field.

Q: Did he make you mad?

Uri: I just touch the ball and that is the reason I get angry.

Q: Did he dive?

Uri: A little bit.