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4 shots on goal, 3 goals, and 3 points later...

Kansas City breaks their streak of forwards not scoring goals, nets a couple in the run of play, and wins a game on the strength of offense instead of defense. Madness.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

 If you told me Sporting Kansas City would score three goals, on the road, all from the run of play, and none from Aurelien Collin (or Teal Bunbury, for that matter), I'd have said you were high. And on Saturday, if you were part of the Roadron, even odds I may have been right. But all that aside, a very nice come from behind victory after a pair of PKs had Colorado up makes me feel good about the first month of the season. Not that Wynn's boneheaded red card didn't help us, but at times, Sporting's attack actually looked... potent.

The win puts SKC on 7 points from 4 games. Averaging 2 at home and 1.5 on the road, which I think is a good pace. For the record, I feel that averaging 2 points at home and 1 on the road is good enough to put a team into the MLS Playoffs, and discounting the last seconds brain farts at Seattle and home to FC Dallas, I think we're playing at the level we finished with last season. So still too early to necessarily read much into the season, but the initial feeling is optimistic, especially if we can turn out a road win like that.

So we gets the MotM nod? Graham Zusi, for being involved in each of the goals? Benny Feilhaber, for a fabulous performance, even if he did drop the ball and concede a penalty (for which he atoned about 30 seconds later, mind you). Sal Zizzo? Hell, even Eric Kronberg(aptly now nicknamed The Kronic) made a few saves, though you have to banish his silly out of the box tangle up and associated yellow card (I'm going to lookup keepers with yellow card issues later this week. Jimmy Nielsen had four in 2012).

Anyway, let's go to the numbers. And here. They. Are. 


Perhaps unsurprisingly, Zusi with man of the match credentials, though I would note that Zizzo actually tallied two assists to Zusi's one, and Zusi's assist was only because of the audacity of Dom to try to take John Berner's head off... I thought Benny had a more complete game than Zusi, but giving away the PK sort of hurt...

Anyway, Zusi was just named MLS Player of the Week, so maybe it's hard to argue with that.

I think I'm going to write up a Man of the Month summary next, so if you have any thoughts or rants, please share them. I'm trapped in a hotel in New Jersey and need entertainment.