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Heineman fuels more Spanish player speculation

More reports on Spanish player Toni from Celta, a tweet from Robb and what is Vermes waiting for with the last of the draft picks?

Could Sporting be close to deal for Toni?
Could Sporting be close to deal for Toni?
Denis Doyle

A roster in MLS is fluid, changing, never really final it seems until the playoffs. Even with bringing back the bulk of his MLS Cup winning team and with the season about to start, Sporting Kansas City Manager Peter Vermes is still weighing his moves.

The actual primary transfer window for MLS is open until May 6th and it is looking more and more like Vermes might sign another international. Earlier this week Vermes confirmed they are looking at Toni from Celta Vigo but on Thursday Vermes revealed that Toni is not the only one they are working on.

"There are other guys in that same status (as Toni). There is another player that I would like to think is close but I can't speak for the other group," Vermes stated. "But yes, there is another player that we've been looking to try to get something done with."

Vermes did not reveal the name of the other player but confirmed that Sporting KC has discovery claims on both the mystery player and Toni. Discovery claims are a way for MLS teams to reserve the rights to a player that is not yet under MLS contract and who are not subject to the allocation ranking or lottery mechanisms.

To make the speculation on Toni and the mystery player even more interesting, Sporting Club CEO Robb Heinemann tweeted out right after midnight that "Spain is about 2 b our friend". Does that mean that Celta Vigo released Toni from his contract or at least agreed to a good transfer fee? Maybe it is in relation to the other player that Vermes mentioned. Either way there should be more info soon.

Is Robb's tweet about one of those players? Probably. But then again Robb could have just made a deal for almost anything from a friendly with Barcelona to his very own Sporting branded vineyard.

To continue fanning the Toni coming to Sporting KC flames, a report popped up on Thursday saying that Toni had canceled a flight back to his team so he could schedule one for Kansas City and that his visa was approved.

What about the rest of the draft picks?

Sporting KC signed midfielder Alex Martinez earlier this week leaving forward Adnan Gabeljic and defender Peter Schmetz as the two remaining unsigned draft picks still in camp. Vermes obviously still has an interest in them since they are still in camp but has hesitated for a reason.

"We are still making some decisions because we still have some other things happening with our roster at the moment.  To be frank, it's the Peterson Joseph thing that we still don't have a clear picture on and until we have that clear picture it's hard for us to make a decision. If something happens with him, we've got a chain reaction one way or another. We're hoping to hear something soon," explained Vermes.

Between the possible Spanish player (or two), some word on Peterson Joseph and the chain reaction on the draft picks and trialists, it looks like there should be player news in the not too distant future.