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SKC: Igor Julião in Kansas City

Fluminense defender Igor Julião was in Kansas City Monday so an announcmeent by Sporting Kansas City appears to be imminent

SKC signing Igor Julião seems very close
SKC signing Igor Julião seems very close
Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Last week when Sporting KC waived Josh Gardner, Manager Peter Vermes mentioned they were close to a new player. "Hopefully this week," he said at the time. There were no player announcements since then but it appears that is likely to change soon.

There have been reports, rumors and speculation that Sporting KC was about to acquire Brazilian defender Igor Julião from Fluminense FC.He even appeared on the roster of the mobile app for a while.

A source reports that Igor Julião was in Kansas City Monday so it seems very likely that it is about to happen.

When asked Monday night, Sporting KC responded that in keeping with club policy for players not under contract with the club, there was nothing they could comment on regarding Igor Julião.

With the release of Mechak Jerome Monday combined with Vermes statements that there were more than one player they were close to bringing in, there is a good chance that Igor Julião will not be the only announcement in the near future.